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(that you may want to know too!)


"How many years has Saratoga Crackers been around?"

• We have been a family owned business for 11 years! It's our full-time job! 


"How long do your crackers last?"

• Our handmade crackers have a shelf-life of about 3 months, when stored in the same packaging.


"Do you have any Gluten Free crackers?"

• We offer our Cheese Crackles as a Wheat-Free variety.

Simply baked (never fried!) Aged Parmesan Cheese, in three varieties - Classic, Garlic, and Hot Pepper! 


"What about Dairy Free crackers?"

• YES! Any flavor not highlighting cheese is DF! (We do not use milk in our ingredients)


"Where is your store?"

• We do not have a storefront, however you can find our product in SO MANY LOCATIONS around the Capital Region in New York, and throughout the state!

We LOVE representing Saratoga Crackers in various specialty shops, farmer's markets, farm stores, rest areas, and MORE!

You can find exact locations using the Store Locator on our website.


"How exactly do I use these crackers? They seem so big!"

• We suggest breaking the crackers in 2 or 3 pieces before plating, but really, it's up to you!

Our cracker's shape and size beautifully set them apart and are a delicious base for whatever strikes your fancy! 


"Why aren't your crackers in a store near me?"

• We want to be!  If you know of a location that would be the perfect fit, let us know!

(And let THEM know! You can direct them to our Wholesale Request page on this website to start the process!)